- Customers will never miss an appointment
Cloudcalendar Remind your Customer: No empty waitingrooms anymore

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Customers often forget about appointment they had made weeks ago. With Cloudcalendar we remind your Customer via Email and SMS in front of the appointment so they do not forget you.

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How we can help you


How we can help you


How we can help you


How we can help you

Satisfied Users Cloudcalendar has developed a passionate tool for businesses around the world.
Here are some representative comments. 'Thank you for the product that has been making my customers happy and waitingroom never empty.' Masato Takeshi, Tokio, Japan 'I love this tool!!! That’s it. I need to say so. It’s a wonderful piece of software.' F. Javier Dos Santoz, Barcelona, Spain

Millions of

reminders sended

Cloudcalendar still reminded still millions of Customers that they should not miss their appointments - When will you start?

saved workinghours

your colleagues are happy if they dont have to stand around

satisfied customers

Customers often forget about there appointments and are afterwards bugged that they have to call you again for another try. You can help them.

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